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You know what our problem is, in Britain?

It's this little lot. Thread.

1 The unelected House of Lords outnumbers the Commons for the first time in 550 years.

2 Worldwide, only Britain and Iran automatically grant religious leaders a place in parliament.

3 90% of the judiciary come from the same 5% of schools

4 London gets 24 times as much public infrastructure spending PER PERSON as the North.

5 Five British individuals own as much as the poorest 12 million of us.

6 At least £33 billion a year is lost to tax evasion.

7 100% of our national newspapers are owned by Russian mafia, tax evaders or pornographers.

8 We're the only European nation that doesn't own any of it's railways, water or power companies.

9 Only 138 constituencies actually matter, because the other 500 are essentially rotten boroughs which never change hands no matter how you vote.

10 Our electoral system is designed to prevent new parties from entering it

11 We have the greatest inequality in Europe, costing the economy an estimated £39bn per year, or £1400 per person

12 Since 2010 £225bn has been cut from public spending

13 Since 2010 the richest 1000 individuals have increased their wealth by £225bn

14 This is supposed to be a coincidence

15 90% of Northern Europe's poorest regions are in the UK

16 More members of the cabinet attended the same private school than have used the NHS in the last decade

17 70% of new jobs since 2010 have been casual or freelance, with average earnings £16,500 below the average full-time permanent job

18 The "minimum wage" is less than the minimum required to survive

19 Of our last 6 Prime Ministers, only 2 got the job by winning a majority at a general election

20 The last 4 governments won absolute power with the vote of less than 30% of voters, and less than 25% of the electorate

21 We sell arms to Israel (44 years in breach of UN resolutions) and Saudi Arabia (still flog women for driving and hang homosexuals)

22 UK tax code is 17,000 pages long, custom-made to hide every possible trick for the rich to evade and avoid tax

23 Homes are taxed, but land isn't; so if you own a tiny flat you pay more tax than a man who owns 1 million acres and is just sitting on it, forcing your rent to rise

24 Half of people under 30 will never be able to afford their own home

25 And finally - in case it's unclear - absolutely NONE of this was caused by immigrants, refugees, black, brown or yellow people, foreigners, or the EU. None of it. Absolutely none.


The richest 10% of UK household wealth is 315 times greater than the poorest 10% of UK household wealth.

In 1950 you could afford a 3 bedroom house and car in London on the equivalent household income of £25,000. Today you need £430,000.

UK corporate law actively encourages directors to asset-strip businesses rather than invest in them over the long term

We are cutting education budgets per pupil whilst every G20 country (bar USA) is increasing them: so we have too few skills, and too many low paid jobs

Before you get too high and mighty about this, very little of it happened overnight, or is the sole responsibility of one government or party. It's just the abject position we've got ourselves into. We are ludicrous.

Apologies, I'm muting this now. Very busy, no time to debate or repeatedly supply references. I recommend a service called "Google". Thanks.

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