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✨ a thread of websites where u can download free ~LEGAL~ editing resources (e.g. fonts, textures, backgrounds, and etc.) ✨


this is one of the realest platforms when it comes to the creative industry, not only u get to dl free stuff but u also get to see fantastic works aaah :-(


this is like the main market where creatives sell their stuff !! NOT ALL are for free but every week they upload different freebies, tamang abang lang mga p33ps.


this website is more on textures, mockups, n backgrounds (if u don't know what mockups are, they are the ones used in branding)


if u still use one of those clip art-ish pictures im telling u to drop it and go here instead lol let's go 4 minimalism !!


(self-explanatory lAm nYo nUh yAn)

6. freepik,com

yk s0lid na kagad may free na sa url ih


basically a mini version of behance but it's still pretty gr8

note: just bc it's free that doesn't mean u get to recklessly use them there's also a thing called 'licenses', for business purposes make sure it's available for commercial use.

if u don't know how to download fonts
1. download the font file
2. if it's in .zip file, extract it first.
3. click the .otf/.ttf file and then install  (additional)

amazing stock photos for ur bg's aaaah ::(

for more refer here nuh lung:

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