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My first time chatting in skype with Cortana breathing over my shoulder. It’s weird - Cortana is suggesting chirpy gifs and emojis that are wildly inappropriate for this tech support conversation.

Tech support: please disconnect and reconnect.
Cortana suggests: “please” gif

Tech support: I’m confused why it works when you reinstall the driver. That makes no sense to me.
Cortana suggests: “Sure it does” or “That’s the point”

Tech support: I changed 6### to 7####.
Cortana suggests: 😁 or “I like it” or “I noticed”

Me: so A and B have a similar effect
Tech support: yes
Cortana suggests: What’s your name?

Clearly Cortana’s training data was... somewhat different than my tech support scenario

I was expecting ART. I got Miki.
Annoyance level: 95%.

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