The best books are:

1) Highly recommended by your close circle of trusted friends.

2) Are basically invisible in the world at large. You won't find them on best-seller lists or on the front table at Barnes & Noble.

Use this formula to discover hidden gems.


Books that fall into this category:

1) "The Power Broker" by Robert Moses

A story of political power and New York infrastructure.

"Surely the greatest book ever written about a city." - David Halberstam

Why don't most people read it?

1,344 pages. 

2) "Understanding Media" by Marshall McLuhan

This book is filled with hidden secrets. Can't possibly recommend McLuhan enough.

Why don't most people read it?

The writing is tricky and the ideas are hard to grasp. 

3) "The Bitcoin Standard" by @saifedean

An excellent way to learn about Austrian Economics, which is extremely under-rated.

Why don't most people read it?

The title is intimidating. Good news! The book is very well-written. Nothing to worry about. 

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