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The listening tour that @jack has been on as CEO of Twitter found its way to me this week. I recorded my one hour conversation with him on my iPhone 5. Then @Recode made a podcast out of it, with transcript.  https://www.recode.net/2018/9/14/17857486/twitter-jack-dorsey-nyu-jay-rosen-bias-neutrality-presence-politics-recode-media-podcast  1/2

Among the things I talked about with @jack: an edit feature; a "live now" button you could turn on and off that would say, I'm on and reachable; what he heard from conservatives when he met with them; his view that Twitter should be an "impartial" platform— but not "neutral." 2/2

Ideas I suggested to @jack: Twitter needs public editors plural; tech companies pride themselves on being innovative but in their public communications it's the same old PR; I don't know how to alert @Twitter to a problem its people should look at. (He said tweet about it.) 3/3

There's more, so I hope you will listen. @jack also talks about what he's learned from #BlackTwitter and says he's concerned about what @sarahkendzior raised in this tweet: END

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