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In tech I admire companies like Basecamp, who have been around since 1999.

With new things launching all the time, I often wonder who will still be around, 5 years post launch.

These are products, I think stand a chance of being around for a while. I'll update as time goes on:

Nomad List
Made by @levelsio, this site needs no introduction. Launched back in 2014 he's doing incredibly well with it, and it's still just mostly him and his trusty team of bots.

Made by @ajlkn. It's become the go-to one page site builder, launched in 2016.

This service teaches you to build products without code, and is made by no other than @bentossell and @mubashariqbal.

A very cool, minimal, distraction-free writing tool, that actually helps you write better. Hand crafted with a lot of care by @corey_gwin. Blurt was launched in August 2018.

Beautifully simple and reliable website monitoring, made with love by @sinequanonh, and launched in January 2018.

It's a simple as it sounds, a Kanban board for your emails. Really cool idea, well executed by @booligoosh.

A much loved, do everything kind of, all-in-one tool, that can easily replace Google Docs, Trello, spreadsheets, and more. Founded in 2016 by @ivanhzhao.

A well thought out, open-source home assistant, powered by Raspberry Pi.

Made by @pierregillesl

Leave Me Alone
You can scan all your emails, to discover all spam, unwanted newsletters and the like - then choose to unsubscribe to them all.

Created with love, focus, and vision by @dinkydani21 and @JamesIvings.

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