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LINT. I explained last night on @CuomoPrimeTime why declassifying the FISA application at this point in time is not about transparency, and also harms our national security.

2. Remember that the Carter Page FISA is *one* investigative tool used in *one* case. That is to say, the "Russia investigation" is comprised of dozens of cases on both the criminal and counterintelligence side...why the singular focus on this one?

3. The Page FISA covered the time period beginning October 2016. This is critical because that was when the momentum of the campaign shifted, as a result of the Wikileaks dumps and Comey's letter to Congress. Russia suddenly saw that Trump could actually win.

4. We know that this is also the time period when there was a flurry of other activity with Russia: Attempts by Kushner to set up a "back channel" with Kislyak, Flynn telling Russia not to respond to Obama's sanctions, the "peace plan" brought to the WH by Cohen.

5. We don't know how much of this that the Page FISA in particular picked up, but if Page was in continued contact either with Russia and/or the Trump transition team, then it would shed light on what Russia hoped to gain from this administration, the role of particular players.

6. There is *something* about what this particular FISA obtained -- or the WH is afraid was potentially obtained -- that has it (and people like Nunes, who was on the transition team) freaked out. Only thing that explains why they care only about this piece of the investigation.

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