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1/ A great HACK to learn how TO do something––

––is to study how NOT TO do it.

1/x or -x
"man muss immer umkehren"
Invert, Always Invert
was the advice of Charlie Munger adopted from mathematician Carl Jacobi to flip problems on their head...

2/ One of my all-time favorite speeches is Charlie Munger (1986) adding on to the inverting wisdom of a prior Johnny Carson commencement.

Carson told students he could not them how to be HAPPY–
–but he could help them ensure a life of MISERY...

3/ For a life of. misery Johnny Carson advises:
1) Ingesting chemicals in an effort to alter mood or perception;
2) Envy; and
3) Resentment.

For happiness:

In the same logic Munger advises


4/ Munger further advises for misery:

*ONLY learn from your own personal experience (not others, nor books)

*GIVE UP + DONT GET UP when you face adversity...

5/ Finally be CLOSE MINDED and do not test your own ideas or change your mind...

**Of course you must invert all this. For a life of happiness + meaning...

6/ I was reminded of this timeless technique in a 32 year old speech while reading this very good piece..

"How To Fail As a New Engineering Manager" by @hashbrown1 

7/ BTW - here is the original letter Charlie Munger sent to Johnny Carson letting him know he used his speech as inspiration and Johnny Carson's reply letter back to him.

(Grateful for excerpts from Poor Charlie's Almanack + Seeking Wisdom)

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