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Imagine if the Trump era were the night of rock bottom.

Imagine if after this we sobered up. Stopped trusting billionaires to save us. Stopped venerating wealth above service. Stopped trusting those who break our society to be its fixers.

Imagine if an age of reform is coming.

Imagine if young people no longer believe they must start a business or work on Wall Street to change the world. Imagine if they just change it.

Imagine if no one said “win win,” “thought leader,” “doing well by doing good,” or “conscious capitalism” ever again.

Except ironically — or when teaching the history of the age of markets.

Imagine if we knew that generosity isn’t the same as justice. That innovation isn’t the same as progress. That a cupcake company that gives back isn’t the same as reform. That Lean In isn’t the same as social policy. That “changing the world” isn’t the same as changing the world.

Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg said he was changing the world, and then no one believed him, and then we moved on and just properly regulated him since we saw that he was just a guy with a company.

Imagine if super-rich people remade themselves in the spirit of the community organizations they donate to, instead of remaking those organizations in their spirit.

Imagine if we understood that, while Monopoly is a game, monopolies are no fun, and we need to smash them.

Face and Book.

Goo and Gle.

Imagine if we fell back in love with the founding American creed of self-government. And we fought off every hoodied boy billionaire or strongman demagogue or chemical magnate who wanted to seize public power.

Imagine if we didn’t just imagine this.

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