DHH @dhh Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp, NYT best-selling author, and Le Mans 24h class-winning racing driver. Sep. 23, 2018 1 min read

This was my point exactly. It’s ahistorical to expect that in another 100 years we will have just “figured out” how to do software development to the point that large, custom, and complex projects finish on time and budget. Never. Going. To. Happen.

(Unless, of course, singularity has occurred and The Almighty Computer Conscience is writing all the code with divine foresight and insight. Just like there’ll never be a botched remodeling job after the holy carpenter returns to walk the earth 😂).

But we will get better. More efficient. Broader bank of patterns. Some current problems will fade from being constantly top of mind (like much of software dev has left pointer arithmetic and manual mem management behind most of the time). Meanwhile, amor fati 😄

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