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Warning: THREAD. Because this was a big deal. Labour's dep leader asks why no investigation into Russian interference in UK. It is completely BAFFLING that Trump-Russia is THE story in the US. But here, we're in total denial about our own role slap bang in the middle of it. Why?

Why has govt refused to answer @DamianCollins & @CommonsCMS questions about what NCA is doing? What intel services know? Cross-party group of MPs called for urgent investigation into source of @arron_banks' £££. But NCA told @BenPBradshaw, nothing doing. What is going on?

Two days, the great @JaneMayerNYer published this piece in @NewYorker & addresses the denialism about if and how Russian active measures worked. Read it & remember that the same companies & same individuals were directly involved in Brexit... 

...this from @pnhoward is key. Facebook has many of the answers. And is refusing to give them to us. We already know it facilitated massive electoral fraud in UK. What else is it hiding? Why is @facebook allowed to operate in UK elections if not accountable to UK lawmakers?

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