Carole Cadwalladr @carolecadwalla Late adopter. Late giver-upper. Guardian & Observer writer. Sep. 26, 2018 1 min read

Today @jeremycorbyn attacks news organisations for not holding the powerful to account. But what happens when we do? And politicians fail to act? We have spent 18mths exposing complex electoral fraud & foreign interference in EUref. To deafening silence from Labour front bench...

In fairness, @jeremycorbyn would not understand scale of fraud, abuse & interference if getting news from most outlets inc BBC. But he has agreed to a briefing & I look forward to that changing. Will he back @tom_watson's call for a full public inquiry with Mueller-style powers??

Because what could Labour possibly lose from insisting on a Mueller-style inquiry? Why wouldn't it want to stand up for rule of law? Or hold the powerful to account? Our basic human rights are under attack from billionaires, big tech & foreign powers. These are core Labour values

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