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[thread] I'm a big fan of nationalised utilities, universal childcare, green jobs,worker share ownership & other policies unveiled at #Lab18

...but the whole thing has left a sour taste in my mouth. Here are some of the reasons why:

1/ The determination of part of the leadership to push Brexit, which will be disastrous for working class people:

2/ The poses the Novara/Repeater intelligentsia adopt to give that determination cover:

3/ In fact the whole hipster-Leninist shtick of the Novara cool kids, with their shiny new American buddies:

4/ The desire to appease xenophobes, inheriting one of the worst habits of the Blair/Brown years: 

5/ The dogma from union leaders that "working class" means white old men, never minorities, migrant workers or the urban precariat:

6/ The mix of Stalinism and tinfoil hat conspiracy that is in the leader's inner circle:

7/ The fucked up priorities of Momentum-following CLP activists:

8/ The selective solidarity:

9/ The zombie army:

10/ The apparent desire to troll Jews:

11/ The embarrassing obsession with punishing our own party's MPs:

12/ The cranks attracted to the party:

I think that's it for now.

Of course, because Labour is a genuinely mass party, with more of a democratic member conference (rather than stage managed rally like some other parties, some of this inevitable. But I wish it were kept more to the fringes...

A reminder that however fucked up Labour is, the Tories have absolutely zero moral high ground in criticising it: 

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