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(Continuation of prior thread.) Kavanaugh and the men on the committee shouted and threatened and accused and bullied to get what they wanted and to seek to obliterate the memory of Blasey Ford, to negate her and her accusation.

It was a hearing about attempted rape but they were angered not at the underlying crime but that they had to have a hearing at all, that their political plans had been derailed by a mere woman, by facts. Devoid of compassion or decency they declared a crime had been committed.

But of course, they sought to commit one. They know Kavanaugh has lied. They know his record is flawed. They covered it up. They know investigation as called for. They set artificial deadlines to short-circuit it. They would have their way with America regardless of facts.

No mere woman nor the outrage of a nation of women and right-thinking men would derail them. So like a drunken bro turning up the music to drown out the cries of a woman for help, they turned up the volume to drown out Dr. Blasey Ford.

That is what was so disturbing. We didn't investigate the crime that was reported. We got to witness it again. They derogated reports that Kavanaugh had stood by as women were serially violated by men. But that is precisely what happened again yesterday.

It was as disgusting and disturbing a public display as I have ever seen, further proof that the Trump-led GOP had cast aside any pretense of morality in the service of pure power and the narrow agenda of a few extremists and their rich, white, male sponsors.

Yesterday began with a hero who dared to speak truth to power about an attempted rape. And now the GOP seeks to end it with the consumption of the crime begun by Kavanaugh on a summer night in 1982. It is more than a scandal. It is a sign this great country is profoundly broken.

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