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Wait -- Ed Whelan, close friends with Kavanaugh and the Federalist Society's Leo, advanced the claim that Ford was mistaken about whether she was assaulted by Kavanaugh or by *the person she was dating*?

And presently Senate Republicans are still going with "she was mistaken?"

Whelan's framing of Chris Garrett makes sense now. Garrett wasn't chosen at random--he was chosen because Garrett knew Ford and Garrett was at that same party. That information had to come from Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh must've forgotten Ford didn't just know Garrett, but dated him.

One thing's for sure: in the next few days, the FBI, @RonanFarrow, and @JaneMayerNYer need to have a nice, long talk with Chris Garrett.

And the FBI should ask Kavanaugh about communications he had with people about Ford or Garrett, including Whelan or Leo.

Maybe--which is another reason why it's so important he be interviewed. He could place her at the party (or refute that). And what if he drove her there, then left before her? What if he drove her home and remembers her being upset, or saying something?

And another huge coincidence: Republicans cut off Mitchell, their own handpicked questioner, as soon as she started asking Kavanaugh about the details of the party. They knew he would end up giving information that would help connect the dots between him and Ford--like Garrett.

If this sounds like a conspiracy theory, consider this: how likely is it that Ed Whelan, close friend of Kavanaugh's helping him through the nomination, just happened to point the finger at Chris Garrett?

Kavanaugh told Whelan who was at the party where the assault happened.


1) Kavanaugh told Whelan who was at the party where it happened.


2) Without the calendar or knowing who "Squi" is, Whelan coincidentally pointed the finger at one of six men with whom Kavanaugh went to a party matching Ford's description.

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