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hm what if we had a PUP QUIZ are u interested

Excellent! I will post some questions (I’m at airport, so it will last until my plane leaves) and anyone can answer any and all questions and I will pick a few winners to receive a commemorative dog booty prize!

Question 1 who is this dog

Question 2 did Glory go north, south, easy, or west

Question 3 who is the softest dog at BraverMountain

Question 4 if you had to choose two dogs to lead your team which dogs would you choose and why

Question 5 if you were inventing a recipe for meatorade for the dogs, what would your secret ingredient be

Question 6 this puppy is all wet and full of _______

Question 7 litters of sled dogs are named by theme. What is your favorite theme represented by the dogs at BraverMountain?

Question 8 who is the dog on the right

Question 9 which dog got an exorcism and did it work

Question 10 who gets a red lantern in mushing and what does it represent

Question 11 what is your favorite story and/or thread about the team (or mushing in general)? EXTRA CREDIT if you post a link so other people can find it

Plane taking off now, so we’ll end this pup quiz for now. Answers are still open; I’ll go through them later and pick/draw a few winners. Thank you for taking some dog time with me!

Good luck on the rest of your monday, y’all. You’ve got this. xoxo

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