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This is gaslighting of the very highest order by May. Invoking the sacrifices of WWII while her FM calls the greatest post-war peace project the USSR. Calling for civil discourse after ‘saboteurs’ and ‘citizens of nowhere’ and a torrent of bile from her party.

And then, the sheer assault to decency of her of all people invoking Jo Cox’s name. Utterly appalling.

Have you no sense of decency madam? At long last, have you left, no sense of decency?

She deliberately developed the hostile environment. A benefits system designed to discriminate against groups like the disabled. Her FM, who she did not sack, referred to EU officials as Nazi Concentration camp commandants.

Now she’s on about Freedom, and invoking the end of Communism. She is deliberately removing Freedom of Movement from 65m people.

Railing against Govt interfering in people’s choices while limiting people’s choices and prospects.

She’s brought up the Windrush Generation. Don’t bring up Windrush. You caused the Windrush Scandal.

Opportunity? What opportunity? The opportunity to be sanctioned for being 10 minutes late for an appointment? The opportunity to have your mobility allowance stopped? The opportunity to have the car factory you work at close?

NHS now. Brexit will harm the NHS. “Low-Skilled” nurses from the EU will need work permits. No Deal Brexit will lead to medicine shortages.

Welcome stuff on Cancer treatment, assuming that No Deal doesn’t lead to a shortage of isotopes, and any Brexit doesn’t exclude the UK from cross-EU research and trials.

Russia. The same allies that you threatened with the removal of security cooperation in the A50 letter and have then looked to blame for the failure of your Brexit negotiations supported you on the Skirpal response.

NATO now. Lucky none of the EU Member States you’ve systematically insulted the intelligence and trust of are members of NATO

Leadership and Brexit. Aye right.

“They are our close friends and allies and we should ensure that it stays that way”. Very true. Why haven’t you?

“No Deal is a bad outcome for the UK and EU”

The continuing fallacy that ruling out No Deal weakens the negotiating position. Sighs.

Will never accept NI being “carved off from the rUK” by a customs border. No deal coming!

“I have treated the EU with nothing but respect, and I expect the same”. You are fucking joking, right?

Doubling down on Chequers now. Brace, Brace.

Appalling attack on N Sturgeon, accusing of betraying Scotland over fishing. Scotland has been systematically ignored by UKGov, the Devo settlement ripped up, and conventions trampled.

FoM ending for good. (See above on Freedom, FFS).

Good for jobs, good for the union, in the national interest. She’s on a totally different planet. She seems to believe all of this. We’re screwed.

On #pepoplesvote. “We had the people’s vote and the people vchose to leave”. Now sit down, STFU, and take what’s coming to you folks.

Aw, here it is. It would undermine faith in politicians, apparently. Unlike taking your country over a catastrophic cliff-edge at a point where the majority don’t want it, while destroying the economy and our international reputation. Yep, that will give people faith.

Livelihoods depend on Brexit. Yes, they do. They depend on it not happening.

Still talking about frictionless trade. It’s not happening. Your own red lines have riuled it out. Your idea for how it could happen and has been rejected. You chose to abandon it, against all advice.

Applause for “own seat at WTO”. You think they’re sitting there waiting for you to arrive and explain how it’s going to be? Good luck without the support of the EU27.

Oh god, she’s actually kept the Brexit Britain Festival bit in. 

Kenyan Artists want to visit UK. Good luck getting permits to play at the WOMAD festival.

Lord, bringing up Gdansk, Chechoslovakia and the Berlin Wall. Stay off this subject if I were you. You’re on a sticky wicket right now.

Against a command economy (apart from in the Labour market).

Freedom again. FFS.Brexit reduces freedom.

Not a good idea bringing up Johnson’s Fuck Business remarks, replacing Fuck with Back. People will remember the former, not the latter.

She keeps saying she’s in favour of free markets, but is leaving the biggest free market in the world. Total dissonance.

Hope and dignity? Seriously?

As an aside, never forget that May employed the person responsible for the Mail “enemies of the people” front page as her press sec. She saw his work and thought, I’ll have a bit of that.

You’ve had a while to fix the trains, and it’s not gone well.

No Corbyn flan, but hard to see how nationalised rail could be much worse or more expensive.

Great on tackling rough sleeping. Not sure many will believe you though. I don’t.

“For many people their car is not a luxury, but a necessity.” Yes. Disabled people. The people whose cars you took.

Aha! Austerity was necessary, but the end is in sight. “Because you made sacrifices, there are better days ahead”. Just hang in there. Stick to the 5-year plan. A bit more eating shit and there’ll be roast beef for all.

“We’re driving up research funding” by leaving Horizon and cutting off cooperation.

“Champion decency in our Politics.” Seriously. How can she bring herself to say this? I’m going to have to turn this off.

We’re at a pivotal moment and it falls to this party to lead us through it. Doomed. We’re doomed.

I’m off to play guitar at the loudest volume possible without being arrested in an attempt to wipe my mind of this whole appalling thing. I may be some time.

PS. You can’t use the word “betrayal” at least twice and simultaneously call for more decency in political discourse. The two are mutually exclusive.

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