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Defence entered a Not Guilty plea this morning in Westminster Magistrate Court. Trial is set for January 2019. #CambridgeAnalytica

It’s a criminal act in the UK to defy the Information Commissioner’s specific order to comply with data protection law. This order is from May 2018 and now we can confirm it will go to trial in the UK next year.  https://www.wired.com/story/uk-regulators-demand-cambridge-analytica-hand-over-user-data/ 

A “defunct” company sure seems willing to spend its allegedly sparse resources going to trial against the data cops for refusing to hand over all the personal data it collected about me. What are they hiding? Will their creditors tolerate this?

The proposal from July 12 to liquidate #CambridgeAnalytica and most (but not all) of its affiliates is a public filing that you can find on Companies House. It’s about as weird as you’d imagine.  https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08256225/filing-history 

I know a lot's going on but this is notable news that won't cut through the noise:

UK's data cops are proceeding with criminal prosecution from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Trial set for early January 2019.

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