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Hey folks, I want to show you something interesting.

Remember when TERFs crowdfunded money to challenge Labour over trans-inclusion? Well, did you know that lot of these US evangelical affiliated groups that cropped up recently have all been running crowdfunding campaigns also?

They're getting huge sums of money for their political activities, most of it anonymously. Like this one from a prolific anti-trans activist, which was billed as "Fighting for free speech" and recieved a suspiciously large anoymous donation of £1600, and funded anti-trans ads.

The same person is meeting with hardline anti-abortion activists from the US, involved in evangelical hate groups that are promoting the aforementioned prolific anti-trans activist. Huh, it's strange isn't it? Suspiciously so.

This "Fair Play for Women" group which is behind 2 of the crowdfunding campaigns pictured in the first, including one that is "always on" and continues to gather funding? They seem to have other, smaller campaigns raising money for them too. Like this one. That's... weird, right?

All of these anti-trans groups only popped up in the UK recently, and they're suddenly getting these massive amounts of funding for their political activism. Where's it from? Nobody knows! But they're all very buddy-buddy with anti-LGBT evangelicals from the US. Weird, isn't it?

And, do you want to see something else weird? One of the groups that crowdfunded for it's political activities "Transgender Trend", are based in the UK. Well, their very first tweet last year was promoted by these US "pro-life" activists, like this Brady guy here.


What they're being funded for, may not be as simple as just opposing transgender rights. Trans rights is just the wedge issue. Consider the abortion referendum in Ireland, and how these UK based activists tried to hold talks here ahead of the vote.

The UK based TERFs were extremely hostile and abusive to Irish feminists, who did not want them hosting their talks here and wrote an open letter scolding them. Some of those TERFs seemed to have anti-abortion views. Like this here.

A lot of Irish feminsts believe that these anti-trans activists were going to hold talks with the intent of causing division and infighting, and derailing the repeal efforts. Hence trans rights as a wedge issue to accomplish a different goal; supression of abortion rights.

The US evangelicals that these UK anti-trans activists are meeting and working with? They're all dedicated anti-abortion activists. See here for example.

And it's all so very suspicious that the activism and crowdfunding from the UK groups, all started happening *after* the Value Voters summit last year. Weird, isn't it? 

The evanglical right in the US using anti-trans "feminism" as a front isn't anything new either, the aptly named Women's Liberation Front was funded by James Dobson. They're not looking out for women's rights, they're wearing feminism like a mask: 

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