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It isn't rocket science so why didn't the national lexicon for 70yrs include- cleanliness, toilets, new bank accounts, electricity, subsidised LPG,
infrastructure, healthcare...?
The very basic requirements of a civilised society.
The answer is quite simple-

Because it was never ever the Idea For India.

A par excellence business plan unfolded over 6 decades, perfected between 2004-14.

Work for 14% of the population.
Throw them crumbs.
Encourage insecurity, ghettoisation, obsurantism, discourage education & progress.

Keep a select few mullahs & privileged opinion makers of the community happy so that business goes on as usual.

On the other hand ignore the Majority.
Actively divide them & cleverly nibble away their rights.
Render them impotent & self hating through subliminal

messaging in films, history books & media.

The focus was to come to power at any cost hence the motley coalitions.
Governance being the last priority, dacoity & deceit being the only one.
With a generous spread of lucre the media hid crimes & the bureaucracy

didn't stand in the way.
Police & Judiciary didn't go after & prosecute.
Omerta was the code in this incestuous club.

The rest of the citizenry were mere statistics that didn't matter - till Social Media began reacting.

The viciousness, the bile & venom from the Sagarikas Barkhas Vardarajans Kavita Krishnans Ayubs Shabnam Hashmis Teestas Sanjeev Bhatts Nundys Sanjay Hegdes Bhushans only exposed how deep the knife had cut into the core of treachery.

The hate was directed at us because we brought the gravy train to a grinding halt.

Now the desperate, panicky attempts to gather together a Mahathugbandan only reveals a single point agenda - Dislodge Modi & return to the 'good old days' of Free For All Loot & Screw The People

We Can Destroy That Business Plan.

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