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Commodus (161 - 192) had a rabid popular base, cleared out the coffers, charged the Roman state for his gladiatorial fights, lied constantly about his feats & executed folks so he could take their money and property.

He was strangled while in the bath by his wrestling buddy.

The Sassanid Emperor, Khosrow II (570 - 628) flaunted his wealth outrageously, refused to own his mistakes, flayed generals who 'failed' him & was known for other acts of arbitrary cruelty.

He was overthrown, starved - told to eat his riches actually - then shot with arrows.

John I of England (1166 - 1216) was actually a fairly capable ruler, but we do not forget the fact that he was a petty, spiteful man who delighted in starting feuds & prioritised luxuries over his people.

There's a rumour that a monk at Swineshead Abbey poisoned his drink.

HRE Rudolf II (1552 - 1612) spent most of his time holed up in his castle, debauched himself, had brutish children (one a murderer) & made a string of contradictory, arbitrary decisions that help start the Thirty Years War.

He was overthrown & died alone under house arrest.

Tsar Paul I of Russia (1754 - 1801) demanded parades be held in his honour, promised to 'drain the swamp' of the corrupt and decadent nobility and delighted in acts of humiliation.

He was strangled with a silk scarf having been lured in by a conspiracy.

Benito Mussolini (1883 - 1945) was spectacularly vain, had strange, arbitrary fears, a succession of mistresses & veered across the political spectrum in search of power.

He was shot by partisans & hung upside-down from a Milan garage for crowds & newsreel cameras to take in.

Nicolae Ceauşescu (1913 - 1989) enacted a series of misogynistic policies against women of Romania, basked in a cult of personality & flaunted his wealth even when the populace were cold & starving.

When he was overthrown, soldiers gambled for a chance to be in his firing squad.

There's no real reason I'm telling you this. Hell, you guys know I love spinning a yarn. Does it have to mean anything? Nah.

Americans, go vote on November 6.

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