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I was looking forward to this Women in Journalism event. But this woman in journalism is exhausted by being a woman in journalism

The constant belittling attacks. The entirely different metrics used to judge your behaviour & work. A gender pay gap of up to nearly 30% at some news orgs. The hours spent composing letters/listicles ‘12 Key Facts Your Crude Hit Job Got Wrong’.

But then being a woman in journalism is like being a woman in public life. A woman in politics. I’m off to Oxford to hear someone who knows this more than most - @HillaryClinton. But she - rightly - is going to be focusing on the worldwide threat to human rights.

Most at threat from this worldwide assault on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of course are the most vulnerable: women, children, minorities, the disabled.

And what this conference has rightly identified is the absolutely foundational & key role the media plays in creating the world we have found ourselves. It’s the first session up this morning for a reason

There are bigger issues, bros. Much much bigger. And being a bro, without reflecting on your bro-ness, makes you as much a part of the problem, not the solution

The unreflecting bro-ness is Silicon Valley is one of the reasons we are in the mess we are in. And the assault on journalism & journalists by the likes of Breitbart -ex-editor & right-hand man to Steve Bannon below - should terrify us all

The end

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