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I call this the Beto effect. Hard to believe but many Dem candidates are underfunded because the party is.. well, it's the party that lost 2016. But a few splashy races give the opposite impression—the way holding the presidency 2008-2016 hid the electoral collapse of the party.

Having studied movements/opposition in many countries, one frequent theme in losing efforts is the ratio of attention to factors not-under-their-control vs. factors under their control! This may get people upset with me but both Dem leaders & "resistance" often share this trait.

Where is the effort to balance funding so that obviously super-safe Dem seats aren't raising millions while first-time candidates building infrastructure (for the future, if not this election) have real money? Don't see it. It's like 2016 didn't happen. 2008-2016 didn't happen.

Take voter ID laws. Where's the nationwide mobilization to get an ID for everyone? Send college students to help poor folks navigate the bureaucracy, drive them to DMV etc. "ID summer!" Nope, just many articles on how unfair it is. Fine but not enough for winning political power.

There is no external, benevolent distributor of justice that will look down and hand political power to anyone just because things were unfair. Grassroots energy doesn't automatically translate into strategic action. The energy may carry the Dems through 2018 but.. still..

Yes, done! Meanwhile, on planet earth...

Yes, a very nice list of articles and some video appeals. *slow clap* People have forgotten what a true mobilization looks like. I'm also not saying there are no efforts. There are many orgs out there! There is no proportional, nation-wide *mobilization*.

So this voter-ID org has a 2018 budget of... about $500,000. If that sounds a lot, well, the Koch brothers *alone* spent about $1,000,000,000 (yep one billion) for downballot in 2016. Yes, there are orgs... There is energy. It's just not proportionate. 🤷‍♀️

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