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You know who is an influencer of white women who is not using her privilege to get these women to vote for policies that help women? Gwyneth Paltrow.

You know who profits from ignorance and the patriarchy?
Gwyneth Paltrow.

Imagine being @GwynethPaltrow and squandering your privilege on jade eggs, supplements, coffee enemas, and mediums -- useless products with good proce points? As if these are things that imprpove the lives of women.

You cannot say you are here to empower women for their health and not speak up against the current administration

The next reporter who asks Paltrow about GOOP should ask her about politics.Ask her to commit. If she cares about women she would actually be using these interviews for that purpose.

Pseudoscience is patriarchy's handmaiden

Want to know more about Marsha Blackburn and her 0% rating from @NARAL? She is an architect of the Planned Parenthood fertal tissues lie fest. Taylor Swift spoke agianst Blackburn. Read this 

So if Paltrow were here for women as she claims, to empower them, she wouldn’t just be empowering them into her online store and she certainly wouldn’t be doing it with fear

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