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Part of a thread. We are now in the phase where UKGov ask EU27 to ‘package’ things so that UKGov can tell the DUP, ERG and Parliament that legal texts mean things that they do not mean. 1/

This is the bit where trust and goodwill accumulated is cashed in. EU27 need to trust UK that, whatever the packaging and the impression they give at home, they’ll abide by the agreement. 2/

As last time this happened, UKGov ministers immediately said they could renege on the agreement, and as the current DExEU SOS threatens to withhold the financial settlement that’s already been agreed fortnightly, I’d be wary of that if I were them. 3/

The goodwill comes in not just to get the help with the form of words in the text itself, but also the messaging around it. It’s no good for UKGov if Barnier goes to the press conf afterwards and says “UKGov caved - we have a Backstop that may well end up being permanent.” 4/

That would, of course, let the cat out of the bag, and put a UKGov claiming otherwise at home in difficult position. 5/

Again though, having been told to whistle for it, compared to Nazi comandants and the USSR, and having waited 6 months for proposals that never came, why should EU27 bother? 6/

Particularly as the said cat is very clearly visible through an entirely transparent bag, and it is obvious for everyone that a backstop has to be indefinite to be a backstop. 7/

The answer is that EU27 wants a deal. The question is though, with goodwill and trust burned on the altar of cheap political point scoring by UKGov, how far will they go. They’ve been burned before. UKGov has proven itself untrustworthy. Not too far, perhaps. 8/8

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