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These Asian men who keep wanting to frame their discussions about who Asian women date as strictly a battle against white supremacy... are, regardless of stated cause, using women's bodies as battlegrounds, which is unequivocal misogyny

There's a well-meaning urge to say that these men are bringing up points which should be discussed by the larger community, but I'm not sure that's true? It's obviously complicated

But within any community there are segments that experience oppression differently in tone and tenor, and it's fairly standard to allow those parts of a community to discuss among themselves not because of exclusivity but because of shared experientiality

And if another part of the community headbutts its way in, screaming that their perspective must be held central to the conversation, that's pretty classic derailing. When it also becomes violent or abusive, that short circuits the whole thing

Asian men, in these conversations, have decided that a) they have the unilateral right to declare specific Asian women's lives as emblematic of complicity in white supremacy; b) they are uniquely central, because of experience, in determining how the conversation should proceed

That's a level of intellectual dishonesty that should preclude Asian men from having any part of the conversation at this point, imo. If you think you can't trust women to figure out the "white supremacy" aspect then maybe you're just a garden variety misogynist

In my experience, many of these men can't actually talk about white supremacy or Asian male emasculation in the west outside of the context of who Asian women partner with. Once you remove that frame, their politics are absolutely empty

Which really does, at the end of the day, suggest that a lot of Asian men only know enough about oppressive systems to camouflage their ideas about who "owns" Asian women in a thin veneer of the language of activism for justice

To clarify, Asian men who want to help deal with the violent misogyny in our community should definitely engage; what I'm talking about is how seriously we should consider violent misogynists as "belonging" in community conversations

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