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This is a bone saw. And a thread about how badly mainstream media has committed sedition in mocking the NatSec community.

Point of fact: Dozens of outlets have made Trump out to be a clown (albeit A DESPOT!) while making fun of the people that have nightmares about stories of spies, journalists, drywall knives and bonesaws.

Since 2015.

The MSM made Trump into a joke, not a monster.

Point of fact: The MSM made stories about hostile foreign intelligence services (Russia, other) and organized crime being "conspiracy theories" in favor of domestic politics, Wisconsin, emails, and racial provocation.

And a foreign-owned Mobster became POTUS.

Points of fact: Mobsters, Russian spies, and their unholy combination do the following: poison you with polonium, cut your body up, blow up schools, addict your kids to drugs, have people fuck your kids, film it, profit.

Law enforcement and NatSec pros know these stories.

So I want every editor and journalist and blogger to take a good look at that fucking bone saw.

That's what your coverage let into the Oval Office.

Not fucking Kanye. Excuses about bone saws and separating kids at the border.

And do you know what they then do with the kids?

This isn't the average zany thread, is it? Guess what, these things are done by the enemies of democracy, and it isn't cute. There's no clickbait.

And telling the truth about it PROTECTS THE REPUBLIC AND YOU AND YOUR KIDS.


There are stories that are even worse, horridly, than Jamal Kashoggi, because they are equally brutal, more widespread, and centrally-ordered.

And some people you know and trust either allowed it, consented to it, or profit from it.

And we've been WARNING THE MEDIA.

To no avail. And we've tried. Editors/journalists: you were warned. And now the real stories will come out to horrify the public.

You will have lost all trust. Journalism, or "democratic story telling" or "accountability" (whatever we call it) will go on without you.

You want to serve the Republic and report some actual stories, however real and ugly. We've got some tips for you.

It won't be clickbait. But it won't be seditious failure at your chosen profession, either.



ADDENDUM: This problem vastly outstrips the attacks on me personally, but it does show the pattern, which I analyzed with full professional rigor. 

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