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During the Zarrab case, Yeni Safak published a column by an AKP leader who claimed Gulenist journalists covering the story would assassinate each other - a proposition both ridiculous and a veiled death threat.

All the world seemed to cite their Khashoggi “scoop” yesterday.

I remember it clearly because it’s not every day a representative of a government predicts journalists at the New York courthouse you cover will execute each other.

This was the column: 

Yeni Safak has a long history of fabricating stories, including disinfo against Gezi Park protesters and an interview with Noam Chomsky. 

This is why my eyebrows rose when I saw their being widely attributed yesterday as a source.

At the same time, I get it: Leaks are coming from one direction only, and the Turkish government is the only side presenting a credible explanation and info.

Let’s just not swallow every story from a govt mouthpiece as unvarnished truth while the facts come in.

So if you have been sharing lurid stories regarding Mr. Khashoggi's:

* fingers/decapitation
* "seven minutes" of torture while alive
* alleged tormenter mysteriously dying in a car accident

Add a citation: Yeni Şafak, an outlet you would be wise to research.

Also ask yourself whether:

a. You are confident enough about the credibility this information
b. These grisly details are important enough to the story

That what's guiding the editorial decisions to share them is news value rather than morbid sensationalism.

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