Just had an eye-opening conversation with an economist for the City of New York.

Learned so, so much.

Conversation is still my way favorite way to explore an unfamiliar subject.

But when it comes to meeting the right people, there’s *tons* of friction.

How can we reduce it?

I read to maximize my surface area for interesting questions.

This conversation flowed well because I just finished a book about New York City politics.

Conversation is much easier when you have some background.

Huge difference between knowing nothing and knowing something.

Starting a conversation is like starting a fire.

It’s really hard at the beginning, but once the fire is going, it’s easy to maintain.

Questions are the spark, laughs are the oxygen, and shared interests are the fuel.

Applies to dating, friendship and Thanksgiving dinner.


Also applies to international cuisine.

At many foreign restaurants, since the best dish doesn't appeal to the average person, most waiters won't recommend it — even though it's the best dish!!!!

Pro tip: Show that you're serious by demonstrating some knowledge of their country.

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