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So I was invited to speak at Google about "the elite charade of changing the world." 👀

I decided to bring up the topic no one wanted to discuss: Google being a monopoly that may need to be broken up.

That's when it got awkward. 

I gave the talk in mid-September. Then it seemed to be taking forever to go online. So we asked where it was.

More awkwardness ensued.

"I'm not involved with this project anymore," came back the reply.

Our inquiry was going to be forwarded to the relevant team.

Then another status update:

"The video has been sent off to the Global Talks release team for further review. At this point, no ETA on an update from them."

It was getting interesting. And it seemed to prove a point about the dangers of a few tech companies owning the portals of information.

That's when a reporter (and another person) started making inquiries about the missing video.

Soon we heard it was going live.

Embrace the awkwardness! 

And while I have you, please read @cduhigg's incredible parable of the Silicon Valley view of the world, told through a tale about Google and Uber. 

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