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Transgender people... are people. Not a political stance, not an ideology, not an agenda... human beings, across a spectrum of beliefs and experiences.

There’s no such thing as “I don’t agree with transgender.” We are a group of people that exist; our existence isn’t a question.

So say what you actually mean:

“I don’t believe that someone should be allowed to identify as transgender.”
“I believe that being transgender is a delusion.”
“I don’t like having to see or engage with transgender people.”
“I am against allowing people to transition.”

Be specific and deliberate. Because if you’re going to say something hurtful, you should at least be accurate and honest.

Maybe then you’ll be able to recognize the impact of what you’re really saying.

Because a lot of the time, when you say you don’t “agree” with being transgender, what you’re actually getting at is that it makes you uncomfortable that we exist.

And that’s no longer about transgender people. That’s about you.

When in doubt, ask yourself, “If I had to explain this in a way that anyone could understand, what would I say?”

Break it down for clarity’s sake. Imagine your mom or your cousin just said, “I’ve never heard of this, what are you talking about?”

A lot of us say things without unpacking them — all of us do it at some point or another. So I invite you to examine how you talk about transgender people, because I genuinely think you’ll be surprised when you move away from talking points and get to the heart of it.

Friendly resource for folks tweeting me about how being transgender is a mental illness: 

This is a helpful breakdown that I think can be useful in making this distinction!

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