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You may recall the scientific scale known as the SDSI.

Well. I pet a lot of dogs today.

Some of them were soft.

Some of them were very soft.

But I met the softest dog ever.

(Other than our Refried, of course, whose softness extends into multiple dimensions.)

This is Miska. She doesn’t look like her fur breaks all the rules of softness, but it does.

She is softer than a barely-there kiss on your forehead at midnight.

She is so soft that I thought my hand might pass right through her.

Miska used to live with an Amish family but she ate their chickens. Now she’s a recreational sled dog. She pulls her human on a bicycle and they travel the country together.

Miska scores 23/10 on the SDSI.

It goes to show. No matter what else is happening in the world. Every single day could be the day that you meet the softest dog ever.

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