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Hey folks, I want you all to pay very close attention to the "rapid onset gender dysphoria" hoax being perpetuated by TERFs and their evangelical handlers, because it is a roadmap to enacting Section 28 or Russia-style laws against the "promotion" of LGBT lifestyles to children.

What this fraudulent diagnosis claims, is that children suddenly become trans merely by being exposed to information about trans people, or trans people themselves. The proponents of this hoax use some very dangerous language like "social contagion" to describe trans identities.

They make extremely spurious claims that children are identifying as trans in "clusters" and that autistic children are mistakenly believing they're trans (there's a whole other layer of ableism there that could be it's own thread), as well as saying teens are pressured into it.

There's a theme running through all of this of protectionism of the innocent from being corrupted by forbidden knowledge, being exposed to a "contagion" that will fundamentally alter and destroy these children's lives. All of this language should be setting off alarm bells.

This is a thread from last year. TERFs have been spreading copypasta nonsense claiming Aay-Straight Alliances and LGBT societies in schools are pressuring kids into identifying as trans. And something something George Soros...

All of this is a roadmap for them to ban "promotion" of LGBT lifestyles, and when that will be enacted, it will be interpreted broadly by governments hostile to LGBT people. TERFs and their allies are cooking up the propaganda to ensure this outcome.

This propaganda is being mainstreamed even among liberals by transphobic pundits who do their best to reframe some very extremist ideology into palatable "just asking questions/let's just hear them out" rhetoric in thinkpieces they're well payed for.

Those same pundits will feign tears and ask "how did this happen?" when they lead us to this outcome in the first place. Yes I'm god damn pointing the finger at you, Jesse! You're responsible for mainstreaming the hysteria about trans youth, you snake.

And don't forget, they've been trying to push this kind of legislature before, such as those "don't say gay" bills that were proposed. But now there's a palatable excuse for it that was sold to liberals as a secular concern, rather than a religious one. 

Now, I'm not trying to be alarmist about this, and you absolutely shouldn't panic. What I'm saying is you should be prepared, because they're gonna try it. So what can you do? For one, you can get this out there. Talk to people, talk to anyone who'll listen.

Try and dispel the notion that TERFs have any legitimate concerns, or that they're somehow a left-wing movement. Highlight their overlap with the anti-LGBT evangelical movement, their funding, and present TERFs/Evangelicals as a unified front rather than two disparate groups.

TERFs are not by any means going to inadvertently hurt the wider LGBT community, they are going to do it deliberately, they're advancing an anti-LGBT agenda. Their concerns about "protecting lesbians" are as valid as Trump's claims about protecting LGBT Americans from Muslims.

Talk to politicians, media, charities, anyone you can, and make sure they understand exactly what this "rapid onset" hoax is designed to do, and what it'll be used for. Kick up a fuss about it, because it is absolutely a roadmap for discrimination. Make that indisputably clear.

And I'm gonna point out that the people responsible for this hoax diagnosis all seem to have links or are one degree of separation away from an evangelical anti-LGBT hate group. Evidently, the creation of this pseudo-scientific hate was motivated by bias.

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