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(Thread) What the heck is Giuliani doing in Armenia headlining a pro-Putin conference?

The conference is to promote the Eurasian Economic Union—which makes the answer obvious.

He’s moving the US closer to Russia—which has been Trump's aim all along.  https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/trump-lawyer-rudy-giuliani-headlines-pro-russian-conference-in-armenia 

1/ Russia created the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) because they couldn't join the European Union (EU)

The EU requires that members uphold the principles of equality and rule of law. Nations that violate human rights are unwelcome.

(Facts from Timothy Snyder)

2/ In the EEU, members don't have to uphold equality, rule of law, or democracy.

It wasn’t enough for Putin just to form his own club. He knew his EEU wouldn't be able to compete with Europe or the US . .

3/ . . . so Putin sought to destroy the European Union. and lead the US away from its alliance with the EU.

(The EEU has five members: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia. Vietnam, Iran, and China have Free Trade Zone agreements.  https://thediplomat.com/2018/01/remember-the-eurasian-economic-union/  )

4/ Russia’s war against Ukraine was part of its plan to break apart the EU.

Russia’s attempt to influence Brexit was part of its plan to break apart the EU.

Russia’s cyber attacks against the US (& installing Trump as POTUS) were part of the same scheme.

5/ Giuliani, at the conference, is scheduled to speak alongside Sergei Glazyev.

Glazyev, recall, was sanctioned by both the US and the EU for his role in Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine.  https://thinkprogress.org/why-is-rudy-giuliani-scheduled-to-speak-alongside-a-sanctioned-russian-official-9133667cabbf/ 

6/ Don’t forget that Sen. Paul was in Moscow in August and met with Sergey Kislyak, the guy who was in the Oval Office when Trump bragged about firing Comey, and the guy Flynn talked to while secretly negotiating with the Russians about sanctions.

7/ McCain once accused Rand of actually working for Putin.

What’s up with all the Russia-GOP love?

There’s speculation that the members of the GOP are shielding Trump from Mueller because they’re compromised and the Russians have blackmail material.

8/ More likely, the GOP is eager to work with Russia because they are more closely aligned ideologically with the Kremlin then they are with members of the Democratic Party.

(Of course, both can be true. The fact that members of the GOP are working so closely with Russia. . .

9/ . . . gives the Russians blackmail material.)

But why would Russia blackmail close allies and associates?

What do I mean?

I mean that the GOP does actually have more in common with Putin than the Democrats.

10/ FDR wanted to ally the US with Britain during WWII because he shared Churchill's values. (Many Americans including Lindburgh preferred an alliance with Germany. No kidding.)

This photo was taken in New Jersey in WWII.

Trump did tell us all along that he admires Putin.

11/ The GOP-Putin-Russia love affair is no surprise given the fact that the Trump-GOP springs from a deeply-entrenched authoritarian tradition that reaches all the way back in American history.

12/ While the US was founded as a representative republic, recall that for most of our history, rights were for white men only.

As Professors Ziblatt and Levitsky point out in How Democracies Die, ethnic majorities rarely give up their dominant status without a fight.

13/ Sociologists⤵️ explain that Trump and his party wants to dismantle the federal government because it gives rights to blacks and immigrants and therefore puts such people ahead of “real” Americans, thus, in their view, the government isn’t legitimate.

14/ The way to fight the growing diversity in the US that so threatens the Trump GOP is to concentrate power in the hands of a few. An oligarchy of white men solves the problem of America's growing diversity (and the annoying problem of women making rules about their bodies).

15/ That’s why GOP-backed legislation seeks to expand the income inequality and move us one step closer to Russia-style oligarchy.

Similarly, Fox news acting as a mouthpiece for the President (while getting rid of 'fake news') moves us even closer to Russia.

16/ Which brings us back to the question:
What is Giuliani doing at that conference in Armenia?

Answer: He’s helping Putin and Trump reach the goal of a Eurasian European Union to replace the European Union, with America as Putin's ally (or puppet. We'll see)

Adding this to the thread on GOP-Trump-Russia love.

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