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Child ASMR is the next ElsaGate and DaddyOFive in the works. This take comes from the meme angle, but raises a lot of questions. (h/t @madebysan)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M78rlxEMBxk 

The most important thing that YouTube needs to come to terms with is the mass disconnect between the content children produce — often at the exploitation of their parents — and the consumers of that content. YouTube needs to isolate these spheres to protect children.

ASMR role-playing is unfortunately not new, but the lengths to which the community have taken it is concerning — it's a new category of adult content. And it's unacceptable for YouTube to let that play out with children involved.

YouTube traditionally has followed a 'wait and see' approach to community moderation. It took YouTube over 2 years to address the Reply Girl phenomena, long after it destroyed discourse of their community.

YouTube only acted on Incel radicalizing content *after* the Toronto terror attack, long after the fandoms had surfaced. The Elliot Rodger fan account that I documented, which YouTube took down with the Elliot Rodger archive, is back up!

The rise of child produced content on YouTube also comes at a time when YouTube is verticalizing — they're actively growing their messaging functionality, and building a Newsfeed akin to Facebook. Children are reachable far past the ephemeral comment section.

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