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Again #NeverTrump Rick Wilson fails to own up to his part in normalizing the current odious & violent rhetoric. It is not just "Trumpism uncut & unplugged." It is GOP xenophobia unleashed. Rick has spent years spewing inflammatory rhetoric like Trump's 1/ 

Violent rhetoric against media was fomented & normalized by the RW before Trump. In 2010 #NeverTrumper Rick Wilson called for journalists to be "curb stomped." "To place someone's mouth on a cement curb, & stomp on their head to break out their teeth" 2/ 

For years Rick Wilson has fomented violent Islamophobic rhetoric. "No matter what "flavor of Islam" you may practice you deserve a hole in your head?" Rick has used his platform to fuel hateful anti Muslim flames, but he has also worked to elect virulent Islamophobes to office 3/

For years Rick Wilson has used his position in the GOP orbit to shepard the most extreme and toxic voices cross over from the fringes into the mainstream to spread “liberal” hate and now violence. Like extremist and Proud Boy founder Gavin McInnes. 4/

Long before Trump, Rick Wilson used his political clout to dehumanize & target the people Trump's targeted for the last 2 years. Rick mollified and prime the ugly RW political discourse. Compare 2011 seeds are sown on Rick tweet- "Holder is "human filth" to 2018 MAGA Tweets" 5/

Maxine Waters was the target of #neverTrumper Rick Wilson's demeaning and demonizing rhetoric as far back as 2011- Wilson on Maxine Waters: "Insane, Ignorant, Corrupt..." In 2018 Trump calls her "a low IQ person." 6/

Rick Wilson on Cory Booker in 2013... He says his grandmother would have demeaned and insulted Booker with the Southern saying "He's slicker than owl shit..." Rick's grandmother is dead... It's Wilson pitching in to smear Booker. 7/

Wilson helped make Obama an object of hate for the RW for years. He kept it up into 2016 when Trump was in the picture alluding that Obama eats dog & inflamming the Obama/Muslim trope, again deflecting responsibility this time to Trump. Trump didn't insult Michelle. Rick did. 8/

GOP spox Rick Wilson spent years vilifying Hillary Clinton, making her an object of hate for the RW & priming the pump for Trump for the 2016 election. Rick dog piled onto the heap of demeaning, misogynist attacks HRC had to endure for years. He compared her to "roadkill." 9/

Soros, a Jewish Hungarian Holocaust survivor, has long been a hate figure of Putinites, Brexiteers & Nationalists. GOP spox Rick Wilson targeted him repeatedly for years. This 2009 tweet mocks Soros' accent. In 2018 Trump targets Soros and blames him for his problems. 10/

Prominent GOP pundit Rick Wilson also inflamed divisions between left & right with coarse demeaning discourse. In 2010 Rick calls liberals "nut root lefties" "Obama's Bitch & pathetic little whores" it's easy to see how it paves the way for Trumpers to call us "libtards" in 2015.

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