zeynep tufekci @zeynep Thinking about our tools, ourselves. @UNCSILS prof + @NYTimes writer. Newsletter: t.co/klJwJ6vkB5 Book: t.co/RmMouki39B Oct. 27, 2018 1 min read

If media can't figure out how to cover terrorism without amplifying the conspiracies (straight-up "debunking" is amplification) that help inspire it and instead runs even more front-page profiles of the killer rather than analysis of WHY WE ARE HERE, we'll just get more copycats.

Close reading of a murderers' stickers, their gab posts posted as screenshots (rather than reported on), murderers' faces on every front-page... Just pours gasoline on the fire and not informative. You know what would be informative? Analysis. Reporting rather than amplification.

Spare me the "we gotta cover the news." WE'RE ASKING YOU TO COVER THE REAL NEWS and stop acting as extras in snuff film directed by murderers. The real news is the rise and normalization of hate speech and racism, guns, polarization fueling deranged killers—not another profile.

There has been a cascade of research, analysis, organization and many, many voices on this. I started writing about this in long-form around 2012. Media incentive is to keep us looking at this wreck, though. It's the business model plus ideology.

Congrats, everyone sharing the killer's screenshots from the killer's social network of choice. They're thrilled with all the new potential recruits. (Yes yes this is how it works. Can't you report on what's going on without becoming recruitment tools? It's not that hard.)

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