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On Friday I tweeted about how ‘strikingly similar’ lies & conspiracy theories about Soros & Jewish funding of migrants in the US were to lies & conspracy theories spread by @Nigel_Farage. Now we learn these were quoted by the synagogue shooter. Right before committing mass murder

Read this thread & article. The synagogue shooter was steeped in these lies. Lies that percolate in conspiracy sites, are reinforced by Kremlin propaganda & then spread to the mainstream in these winking terms ‘Soros’ & ‘globalist’

This was @Arron_banks two days before the synagogue shooting. Criticism of public figures funding political projects is entirely valid. But this?

This video really disturbs me. @Nigel_Farage has aped Viktor Orban in his demonisation of Soros. There is no free press left in Hungary. And I hadn’t seen this before. Farage attacking my colleagues’ work on the Panama Papers. ‘Funded by Soros’

This article based was posted half an hour before the synagogue attack. @d1gi found anti-semitic content related to Soros ‘worst hate speech’ he’d ever seen all over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. 

This is just last 3 days: @Arron_banks accusing me, @DavidLammy @BenPBradshaw @campbellclaret of being ‘funded by Soros’. And telling same hateful lies about him (that he was a Nazi collaborator) as those that radicalised #MAGABomber & #synagogueshooter

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