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One thing we're seeing now is the 2nd generation of Fox conservatives. The first grew up in a normal world & was pulled into Fox world (like my dad). But they *remember* the normal world & can still pass in it; they know what tone & keywords to use. However ...

... the 2nd generation, like this Wohl kid, grew up entirely inside the RW bubble. They don't know how to translate to normal people; they don't know what norms & standards are expected in the normal world. They are *Fox natives*, you might say. I think this helps explain ...

... why RW rhetoric & tactics have gotten so crude, stupid, & extreme. Kids like Charlie Kirk grew up in environs where crude, stupid, & extreme were endlessly rewarded. It's how they gained status. Then they wander, blinking, into the normal world & expect the same shit to work.

What makes the whole thing even cringier is that, though they claim to disdain the MSM & pop culture, they are visibly & viscerally desperate for mainstream approval. (Just like Trump obsesses over the NYT.) It's like pop artists from the UK trying to crack the US market.

Kids like Kirk don't *want* to just be "big in Japan," ie, popular in the RW swamp. They want the approval of the elites they bash -- want it so badly you can see the flop sweat. But life in the bubble has left them woefully unequipped. Their lifelong tools no longer work.

It's painful to watch. Like so many things in our stupid era, it presents a good opportunity to learn this word:  https://www.dict.cc/german-english/Fremdsch%C3%A4men.html 

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