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The @CBC reacts to a screw up: "We heard from many of you who were surprised, angry, perplexed and even insulted that CBC News would seemingly look to business opportunities first, when there was so much else to reflect upon with Bolsonaro's victory."  https://www.cbc.ca/news/editorsblog/brazil-editor-blog-1.4884651  1/

This is a welcome response, which explains how @CBC views what happened. It is also a plea. Please, it says, assess the piece you were reacting to in the context of all the other good work we published on the same story. Here is the article in question.  https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/brazil-canada-trade-bolsonaro-politics-foreign-policy-1.4878379b  2/

About the piece — the "analysis" — that produced such an intense backlash, the @CBC response says very little. Main point: "It is a well researched and sourced analysis piece about one aspect of that election." In other words, don't judge us by this alone. There is much more. 3/

Okay, but what people were "surprised, angry, perplexed and even insulted" by was the analysis itself, which felt — I don't think this is too strong a term — depraved. For it highlighted the business possibilities made real by a candidate who promoted a revanchist militarism. 4/

To sum up, @CBC thinks we're wrong about the article, 'What a far-right Bolsonaro presidency in Brazil means for Canadian business.' We don't realize that it was part of a well-rounded package. I disagree. I am not a Canadian, but I expect way more of its public broadcaster. 5/

I don't deny that juicy opportunities for exploiting the Amazon — made real by a Brazilian election that brought a right wing populist to power — are a kind of news. I do deny that @CBC fulfills its cultural duty to Canada with an amoral description of that event. @ggreenwald 6/

The @CBC is not a tip sheet for rich investors, is it? If authoritarians — like the one who just became president of Brazil — have their way, public broadcasters will either be defunded or absorbed into the state. The CBC better wake up. This is way bigger than a blown story. END

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