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Hello @Facebook. Shall we talk about how your new ad transparency "rules"?
Here's a pro-Brexit advert placed two days ago. It was "paid for by Cambridge Analytica". Posted by "Insider Research Group". And uses an image by the disgraced law-breaking campaign group, BeLeave...

...oh & links to @arron_banks LeaveEU. So...first question was it really "paid for Cambridge Analytica?" I find this...unlikely. Though...who knows? Because isn't that the point of @facebook's new "transparency" rules? It's impossible to know. Anybody can write anything here..

"Our current system is broken," it says. Well yes.

I know! Let's ask @nick_clegg. Nick, Facebook's new transparency rules do not work, do they? Just admit it. It's a disaster. America is days aways from the polls....and Vice reporters posed as 100 US senators. And had ads accepted from them all. 

Yoo hoo @nick_clegg! Did Cambridge Analytica really pay for these ads? @Arron_banks, they're linking to your website. Anything to do with you? Or is this whole thing an unaccountable shitshow that the government has refused to act on?
cc @DamianCollins

A response! From Facebook. Which misses the point. Who did create the advert then? Putting it in the ‘ads library’ doesn’t answer that question, does it?

Ha! Here we go. It was a stunt. The Cambridge Analytica ads were posted by...journalists. Well done @businessinsider. Good way of showcasing how @facebook is more broken than ever. The new ‘transparent’ ads it trumpeted just as clear as mud 

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