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NEW: These are the biggest November 2018 ballot measures on elections, voting rights, gerrymandering, & campaign finance. We're tracking 32 ballot measures across 16 states & 9 cities/counties (thread) 

Four states are voting on redistricting reform this November as a way to combat largely Republican gerrymandering & create #FairMaps. Here's how they would work 

Florida has the chance to strike a critical blow against a Jim Crow-era felony disenfranchisement law that bars 1 in 5 black citizens from voting (5x the rate of everyone else) by supporting Amendment 4, which automatically restores rights to those who've served their sentences

Michigan & Nevada are voting on automatic voter registration. Michigan's Proposal 3 also includes same-day registration, no-excuse absentee voting, routine election audits, & more. Michigan could go from one of the worst states for voting access to one of the best

GOP-backed voter restriction measures are also on the ballot. Arkansas & North Carolina may add voter ID to their constitutions, & Montana votes on a measure to restrict who can turn in mail ballots in an effort to suppress Native American voters who live on reservations

North Carolina voters should reject all six deceptively written constitutional amendments Republicans put on the ballot with their unconstitutionally gerrymandered legislative supermajorities. They're a devious ploy to subvert democracy & the rule of law #NixAllSix #NCpol

The South Dakota GOP went berserk when voters passed an ethics & lobbying reform initiative in 2016, literally declaring a state of emergency to repeal it. Reformers are trying again with a constitutional amendment, so the GOP is trying to restrict the initiative process itself

North Dakota's largest city of Fargo could become the first American locality to adopt approval voting, Lane County, Oregon (Eugene) could implement what's called "STAR voting," & Memphis, Tennessee is voting on whether to keep & finally implement its instant-runoff voting law

Finally, several cities are voting on tighter campaign contribution restrictions & creating or expanding public financing, including Baltimore, MD, Denver, CO, New York City, & Portland, OR

And it should go without saying that this almost certainly violates our Republican Supreme Court's precedents against campaign finance limitations

NEW: These states are voting on ballot measures to protect the environment. Chief among them is Washington Initiative 1631, which puts a fee on carbon pollution to fund environmental programs in at-risk communities & could be a role model for other states 

NEW: Health care is the top issue in the 2018 midterms. It's also on the ballot itself in several key states. These four red states have the chance to expand Medicaid & give roughly 400,000 Americans access to affordable health care 

Reproductive healthcare rights are also on the ballot, & Republicans are trying to eliminate them. Alabama & West Virginia voters could amend their constitutions with provisions letting them ban abortion outright now that SCOTUS is poised to gut Roe v Wade 

Yup. Democratic governors support expanding Medicaid in states where Republicans have refused to do so

NEW: Criminal justice reform, legal marijuana, and the shape of the judiciary itself are on the ballot in these states 

Louisiana is 1 of just 2 states to let non-unanimous juries convict people of felonies, & it has the world's highest incarceration rate. Amendment 2 would end this unjust practice. Florida's Amendment 11 could also allow retroactive re-sentencing for things like drug convictions

Ohio's Issue 1 would make all drug possession & use crimes no more than misdemeanors. It would also incentivize rehabilitative, work, or educational programs for inmates by rewarding them with possible reduced sentences, using the savings for drug abuse treatment & crime victims

Michigan & North Dakota will vote on legalizing recreational marijuana, while Missouri & Utah are voting on medicinal marijuana. All polling shows Michigan voters approving of Proposal 1 to become the first Midwestern state with legal marijuana

6 states are voting on largely GOP-backed measures called "Marsy's Law," or crime victims' bill of rights. While these measures contain some decent provisions & sound like common sense, they could undermine due process, exacerbate recidivism, & even hurt domestic violence victims

Finally, North Carolina GOP has put a dangerously deceptive amendment on the ballot to let the GOP-gerrymandered legislature usurp Dem Gov. Roy Cooper's power to fill judicial vacancies. If it passes, GOP plans to pack the NC Supreme Court & flip it GOP 

NEW: These states & localities are voting on major tax/labor ballot measures next week. Arkansas could raise the minimum wage to $11, Missouri to $12, & Cook County, Illinois (Chicago area) to $13. Cook County could also let cities mandate 5 paid sick days 

Florida voters could require 2/3 legislative supermajorities to raise taxes/fees, & Arizona could ban new taxes on services entirely. North Carolina could lower the income tax cap from 10% to 7% to look in GOP tax cuts for the rich. All of these could devastate education funding

Maine voters have the chance to raise taxes to fund the country's first universal home care program for the elderly & disabled, & San Francisco, California voters could enact a big business tax to fund programs for the homeless amid the city's housing crisis

NEW: The last post in our series on November ballot measures looks at some of the more atypical ones. Los Angeles, CA could vote to authorize a city-owned & run bank, similar to North Dakota's state bank created by the leftist Non-Partisan League in 1919 

Check out this week's Voting Rights Roundup, where we detail all of the major ballot measures on voting rights, redistricting, electoral system reform, & campaign finance. These 2 maps show which states vote on redistricting & automatic voter registration 

NEW: From health care to voting rights, redistricting reform, the environment, criminal justice, & more, these are the biggest ballot measures to watch on Election Day. As this map shows, we're tracking 80 ballot measures across 29 states & 12 local govts: 

I've been writing up & mapping many of Tuesday's important ballot measures in the above thread, but you should also check out this excellent write-up from Daily Kos Elections alum @Taniel

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