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No, that's completely wrong.

Let's dig in.

First of all, there's no way you really looked up "the Congressional Record for 1866" because the Congressional Record didn't start until 1873.

What you've got there -- which somebody else apparently looked up -- is from the *precursor* to the Record, the Congressional Globe.

Second, here's a thread by @skantrow, an actual historian who's expert on this era, who *did* look into the full debate -- which, again, was in the Congressional Globe -- rather than clumsily cherry-pick a quotation.

Third, in that thread you'll find a link to another scholar who's helpfully provided screenshots of *other* parts of the debate on the Fourteenth Amendment that make the original intent of the Senate crystal clear.

Fourth, here's yet another expert, @Profepps, a law professor who's a leading authority on constitutional issues like these: 

And last but certainly not least, here's a great interview with the esteemed historian @marthasjones_ -- who quite literally wrote the book on this topic -- explaining the larger context to this all. 

But yes, that's still a good point that "talking heads in media" should do their homework on this topic, or else they'll bumble into looking pretty foolish.

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