There's two problems here. 1. You claim you're criticizing Soros. You're not. You're spamming baseless conspiracy theories. 2. You're either ignoring, or ignorant of the fact that those conspiracy theories are antisemitic. Let’s pick this apart...1/

You suggest that Soros is paying for the caravan. That theory has two supposed pieces of evidence for it - footage of people being handed money & a Star of David on a truck seen with the caravan. 2/

Rep. Matt Gaetz tweeted a video showing people given money 'in Honduras’. Others tracked down a journalist in *Guetamala* who found out that they were donations from locals, at $25 a pop. Here's @Snopes takedown. /3 

As for the Star of David seen on the truck - you really think that a guy that is constantly subjected to dingbat conspiracy theories is going to send tricks festooned with the Star of David? C'mon! Galaxy brain shit! @Snopes, again has more. /4 

Now, I'm gonna take this part real slow for you. The Jews have been the focus of conspiracy theories since the Middle Ages. First, the blood libel - claiming they worked together to take blood of children for rites. This slur still persists online. /5 

Next, during the Black Death, Jews across Europe were blamed for supposedly poisoning wells and otherwise dispersing the pestilence on the orders of the rabbis. Pogroms raged across Europe with thousands of Jews murdered and burned. /6 

During the 17th - 19th centuries, conspiracy theories about the Jews had to update to match a 'rational’ world. This is when you get theories taking Jewish involvement in banking to indicate a dark plan to control the world. /7 

Conspiracy theories about Jewish involvement in finance (and later media), were supercharged by the publication in Russia of the 'Protocols of the Elders Zion’ in the early years of the 20th century. Of course, it was all BS. /8 

When the Nazis came along, they had very little to do - just keep on repeating theories and confirming beliefs that were already out there. They just did it really, really, really well. /9 

Now, in the 21st century, we live in a world full of global corporations, financiers and magnates.  notice that Soros is supposed to be some puppet-master, but the Kochs and the Mercer's aren't - why is that? They, arguably, have a bigger influence. /10

The same idea of a global manipulator, a great destroyer that dogged the Jews for a millennia, and arguably spawned the idea of the conspiracy theory itself is largely thrown at Soros only. It's intrinsically anti-Semitic, due to the sheer weight of history. /11

Now, I don't know whether Alex pays you too well, or whether you're just plain dense, but this is basic stuff. This isn't 'The Da Vinci Code’. There is no stunning revelation here. I'm just saying what most of us already know. /12

If you're going to criticise Soros, there's plenty to tackle him on. You don't need conspiracy theories to do that. The fact that they are your first port of call, and that you embrace them so readily, is very, very fucking telling. /13

So, until you provide us all with a critique of Soros, *with* evidence of his involvement in the caravan, I'm gonna assume you're dense or a willing participant in antisemitic conspiracy theories. /FIN

PS. GFY, etc.

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