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How Mercer’s investments in Trump’s ethnonationalism has reaped rewards for his algorithmic hedge fund, completing the vicious cycle of subverting democracy for profit and power.  https://yhoo.it/2zqyrYC 

This investigation focuses on RennTech’s position on private prisons profiting from mass detention and incarceration but other interesting RennTech financial positions include its weird moves into Russian telecom.  https://money.cnn.com/2014/05/19/investing/hedge-funds-russia/index.html 

To the Cambridge Analytica skeptics, are they are legion, ask yourselves if Bob Mercer could simultaneously run the world’s most successful quant hedge fund (by far) and the world’s least effective yet most invasive data-driven digital influence campaign ever.

Cambridge Analytica remains shrouded in mystery. Member companies and its affiliates routinely lied to the press (and parliaments) as its story unfolded. Whistleblowers say it was not garden variety voter targeting. Undercover work revealed as much.  http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/billionaire-gop-patron-behind-trump-social-media-bot-army-article-1.3236933 

Ongoing developments in the Mueller investigation point toward Stone and Assange. People generally associate Cambridge Analytica with Facebook but I predict when all is said and done folks will eventually associate CA with Wikileaks as well.

Recent publication of emails between Bannon and Stone about Assange and Mercer are notable.  https://nyti.ms/2yJWsKi 

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