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OK SO let me tell you about the best place in Sweden: The failed hotel/Chinese cultural center Dragon Gate, located in the middle of fucking nowhere and in constant ownership/project limbo.

Me and two colleagues went there yesterday - here's our strange and wonderful story.

First, some background: An old roadside hotel was purchased by a Chinese investor, Mr Li, who wanted to build a Chinese cultural center in Sweden. But the whole project was a trashfire and the hotel and center never really opened of course bled money like crazy.

After going through a few owners with opening and closing, Dragon Gate is now owned by Sisyfosgruppen (yes, like in Sisyphus). Their press releases about this place are basically "We have no idea wtf were going to do, Dragon Gate is a mystery but someone should do something"

Last time we read about the place, the new owners had found an insane amount of trash left in the basement - Chinese merchandise, shoes, boxes and boxes of toothbrushes.

So. We thought the place would be closed and that we'd just stop, laugh, take pictures and go. We were wrong.

We were greeted by a sign offering "Coffee, cake, LOT OF STUFF, Exhibition" beside the actual building. That turned out to be a cafe but also a store FILLED with the random trash they found in the basement, and believe me, it was TRASH.

Then we went inside the building, and it was WILD. First of all - just this courtyard. And the whole place was almost completely empty - us, two families and NO supervision - We were just going through this insane, empty place on our own.

We checked out "the exhibition" of The Grandeur of China - a 150 m corridor with a photo exhibition of the best things China has to offer, a 150 m long wood panel painting of famous Chinese spots (painted by the former owner, Mr Li) and a random ping pong table.

The exhibition led into a COMPLETELY dark room where we had to use our phones to even get through (obviously I dont have any pictures of that because it was pitch black). When we found our way through, we came into "the museum" with replicas of the terracotta soldiers.

then we went to the restaurant. It was giving off serious Mary Celeste vibes - salt and pepper were still on the tables, the menu for the buffet was still still up, a tray with what I guess could be hotel keys was lying on the buffet counter.

We chose to ignore the signs about trespassing and went further inside, finding these abandoned banquet rooms, an interesting sales pitch and an INCREDIBLY CURSED Thomas the Tank Engine ride.

All in all, it was one of the most fun and bizarre experiences in my life and I 10000% recommend it to everyone

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