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Did you watch #Marr today? Then please read this short thread on critical errors I believe @bbc made here, why it matters & why it's given @Arron_banks a prominent platform to deceive the public again

I believe it is important to keep asking Bank questions. But framing, context & format is crucial. Banks's PR chose live Sunday magazine show as his preferred format on morning he knew he would be facing significant new allegations from @ObserverUK 

The new investigation by the NCA is just one @arron_banks is facing. The Met is investigating possible criminal offences regarding spending returns. And ICO is investigating whether Eldon insurance data was used by LeaveEU political purposes . This is from @commonsCMS report

Our story today - & another separate but overlapping investigation published by @openDemocracy - revealed multiple new potential criminal offences that may have been committed. They would also put @arron_banks in contempt, for lying of parliament.

We revealed internal whistleblowers from Eldon insurance had turned over hundreds of emails & eye-witness accounts. The allegations are hugely serious. Illegal campaign co-ordination. Illegal over-spending. We put these & other allegations to Banks & he refused to respond

So what happens when #Marr asks him about these? Banks falsely claims this was reported to the electoral commission. Not according to witnesses & documentary evidence seen by @ObserverUK. And, then - perfect pivot - uses interview to smear me & try to discredit our investigation

This is a man who has repeatedly smeared, bullied & threatened me. Being given a platform by the @bbc to do so again on live TV to an audience of millions 

There is no excuse for this. It was obvious he would try & do so. And it matters not because of reputational damage to me. But because it enabled @arron_banks to evade proper scrutiny. Once again. It just amplified his lies to a much bigger audience

#Marr wasn't sufficiently up to speed to challenge him or rebut his lies. What's more, we now have dozens of headlines "No Russian money in Brexit" when - extraordinarily - Marr failed to ask a single question about his r'ship with Russian government 

Thank you @skynews. Exemplary behaviour. Contacted me immediately to give me right to reply & gave me prominent slot to rebut allegations & frame context of these smears. I’m amazed @bbc hasn’t been in touch to offer similar

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