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Funny. These districts (including IA-4) didn’t magically become competitive. It’s just the “Official Democrats” have been mostly ignoring them, and thus blind to the intense grassroots effort underway. So they didn’t get much polling. And then there’s a poll and everyone’s 😱.

I watched the PA-11 folks canvas for the last year, for example. They knocked on doors where they were met with huge surprise. People were like, huh, what? It was hard work for the canvassers. Suspicion and surprise all day.

My point isn’t about hope but that the official Democratic Party is still not fully meeting the enormous grassroots energy. It’s possible they will lose winnable seats because they wrote them off as unwinnable early on based on some spreadsheet in DC.

So many like that. It’s the same kind of problem that leads to assuming PA and WI are safe Democratic votes, so no need to fight that hard for them. In 2018, the D grassroots may be saving the party from its centralized complacency. May. Problem remains.

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