Eric Garland @ericgarland Strategic intelligence analyst. Want to learn more about Trump-Russia? Check out Game Theory Today. Nov. 06, 2018 1 min read

Today we restore the Republic. And come what may, we will never surrender it. ✊🇺🇸

The Republic is not restored because of this election, nor by Muller, nor a wave of any color.

It is restored because of this wave of passion and determination to claim this democracy from the clutches of the powerful, cynical, and malevolent.

We reclaim this Republic because the truth is self-evident: America belongs to its people, endowed with unalienable rights to seek happiness and prosperity free from the rule of tyrants.

Self-evident in. 1776. Self-evident in 2018.
Self-evident forever.

American patriots will not be ruled by would-be aristocrats, nor criminal gangs, nor foreign despots.

This Republic belongs to its free citizens who shall rule themselves, with justice for all.

We will never, ever surrender this Republic.

Today, we only begin to reclaim it.


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