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This is a pretty significant intervention by Lord Kerslake, the former head of the Civil Service, not just because it is unusual for such recently senior figures to intervene like this (or at least it used to be), but for the detail of what he says. 1/ 

This is not a ploy to remain. Kerslake has changed his mind on this as a result of the failure of UKGov in negotiations. 2/

He accepts the need for an extension to Article 50, and considers this a possibility. 3/

And Lord Kerslake believes, as I do, that No Deal cannot be on the ballot paper. Government and Parliament should not consider it as an option due to the damage it would cause. 4/

I argued much the same thing here. No Deal is not an option, and should never have been considered to be one. 5/ 

Lord K also makes the argument that those who promote No Deal are people with the means to survive the economic turmoil of it. Most of us live “much closer to the edge than people like that”. 6/

And buried deep in the article, we find this view from an un-named Commission source. This is crucial as it shows awareness that May’s binary choice of Deal or No Deal is a false one, and that a People’s Vote could save the UK and the EU from No Deal. 6/

A final reason why this is an important intervention is that Lord Kerslake is now an advisor to Jeremy Corbyn. I find it unlikely that he would choose to make this public intervention and not be giving similar private advice. 8/8

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